Sunday, February 07, 2016

My warnings about the economy is going mainstream...

A growing list of financial gurus and industry experts are warning that 2016 could see a devastating collapse in global financial markets, pushing America into an economic downturn potentially worse than the 2008 recession.
Analysts at Citigroup, famed financial broker Peter Schiff, hedge fund giants Ray Dalio and George Soros and a list of others are warning about dangerous economic events on the horizon, if not outright predicting a collapse in the stock market.
The threat stems from the idea that the bull market of the past six years has been driven by monetary expansion and cheap credit, and as a result, central banks globally are running out of tricks to spur growth, reports Financial Times.
Analysts highlight market reaction to the first interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve in a decade in December, which is being viewed retroactively by many as a mistake. Markets have suffered early this year and may deter further planned rate increases by U.S. policymakers
I know many of you are locked into your bias of believing that all is well.  Be advised though.  Big money boys are getting nervous.  If they get nervous you should get ready.

Sidenote:  You know I want to see the world burn.  But with every dark cloud there is a silver lining.  If the economy tanks before Nov, then you  guarantee a Republican win.  They'll screw it up to (cause Think Tanks, free trade hawks and Neo-Cons) but at least we will be able to come together in our hatred for the establishment!

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