Monday, February 15, 2016

Poland and Czech Republic to team on Armored Personnel Carrier...could the Anders be moving from concept to production?

via Defense News.
Poland’s government is planning to cooperate with the Czech Republic to jointly acquire armored personnel carriers (APC) for the Polish Armed Forces. The program will be one of the priority military procurements that will be launched by Warsaw in the forthcoming months, according to Deputy Defense Minister Bartosz Kownacki.
And then this...
Kownacki said his government is currently holding talks on the designed APC program with the Czech Cabinet. Under the plan, Poland is to take a leading role on the project with support from the Czech Republic.
The amount of the vehicles, which will be procured under the program, was not disclosed by the deputy minister.
This is very interesting.  The first thing that crossed my mind is that the Czech's have the Pandur II and the Poles the Wolverine.  Both are wheeled vehicles so maybe they've done an assessment and believe that they aren't "right" for potential warfare against Russian forces.  So what could they be looking at that they could possibly get into service quickly and meet the requirements of full scale conventional warfare against a peer opponent?  With Poland taking the lead only one vehicle fits...the Anders! Could this vehicle be moving from concept to production?

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