Tuesday, February 09, 2016

So you want to allow women in combat but the draft is a step too far???

And of course the National Review had to write an article about Women and the draft...
Indeed, the idea of female draft registration is so bad that one wonders if the service chiefs aren’t engaged in a bit of public trolling. After all, the Marines were steadfast opponents of mixed-gender combat units, and it’s startling to see their apparent quick and enthusiastic endorsement of female registration. Perhaps they actually seek to slow or reverse the cultural transformation of the military by immediately taking that transformation to its logical extreme. If so, then they are playing a dangerous game. Feminists have shown that there is no “logical extreme” when one seeks to transform core American institutions.
To the National Review and to Lowry I say fuck you.  Where were you bastards when this debate was going on?  You were being all nice and polite at parties saying the politically correct thing.  Now that its dawned on you that one day your daughter or granddaughter might get caught up in this nonsense, only now do you speak.

This is too funny.  I look forward to the future pain that a few...a very few women...have imposed on future mothers, daughters and sisters.  You will be cursed and I will enjoy your embarrassment.

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