Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stupid quote of the day. UPDATE!

If Donald Trump is our party's nominee then he will tear it apart in ways that we may not be able to put back together.  The party as we know it may cease to exist...Marco Rubio
What you see above is the most insane statement I've heard in awhile.  Whats worse is that this is now the conventional wisdom among our political elite and the mainstream media.

The truth is a bit more stark.

The people in the Republican party are staging a low grade rebellion.  Much to my shame and embarrassment, blacks are preventing the Democrats from facing the same fate by falling into line and "coming to heel" at the behest of so called black leaders and the elite of the Democrat party (in the black community you hear nothing but talk about illegal immigration, the poor economy, how the Obama administration has done everything for every other interest group in the party except for blacks and then when the power to shake things up is sitting on a plate waiting for hardball politics the community instead meekly falls into line...pathetic!).

This is the election just before the pitchforks come out.  The real issue for the Republicans is this...if they play games and do a brokered convention then they WILL lose the election.  Additionally the party will be severed and broken forever.

The problem for the elite of both parties is that change has arrived.  Politics as normal is no longer acceptable.  The people have been ignored and now they're "acting out".  If they attempt to hold onto power by any means necessary the blowback will be severe.

JoshO provided this link about Rubio which explains why the Republican establishment made a fatal mistake by backing the guy and why I am down to deciding between Cruz and Trump.  Check it out here.

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