Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Republican debate. Donald is getting ganged up on...

Watching the Republican debate and from my seat I see it like this (so far...debate is still going on).

*  Trump is getting ganged up on as expected.  Its really kinda pathetic to see the establishment foaming at the mouth after one guy.  I wonder if they realize that if it isn't Trump then they're going to lose enthusiasm again.  Its like they would rather lose than see Trump as a Republican president.

*  CNN is going crazy on the questions for Trump.  This is a total establishment pile on.  Both the Dems and the Republicans are scared of this guy.

*  Rubio continues to be unimpressive.  You want to talk about affirmative action?  The only thing that makes this clown qualified is that he's hispanic.  Nothing else.  I'd rather lose my left nut than vote for this jackass.

*  Cruz.  Maybe its just set in stone with me but the guy still comes off as slimey.  I will not support him.  Considering the people backing him I get the idea that he's just from a different part of the establishment.

*  Kasich.  This guy.  This guy impressed me.  This was his best debate by far.  For me personally its between Kasich and Trump.  The rebel in me wants Trump, the solid govt-keep the wheels on the bus spinning just a bit longer wants Kasich.

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