Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Republican Establishment is making its move against Trump.

I've been monitoring coverage of the S. Carolina primary and a couple of weird things are happening all at once.  Trump is getting a one hour town hall meeting with Morning Joe show tonight.  Then we heard that the S. Carolina Gov. was going to endorse Rubio.  Now MSNBC is announcing that Cruz has surged ahead of Trump and is leading 28 to 26%.  That's a 15 point drop in three days.

That's too much of a coincidence.

The establishment is making its move.  My only question is whether or not the Dems are playing a part.  Consider that Morning Joe is broadcast on MSNBC and they're the same people that published this out of nowhere, almost impossible drop in support for Trump.

Yeah.  Too much coincidence, so that means this is a plan.

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