Friday, February 19, 2016

The UK's Brimstone Missile...a so called wonder weapon, isn't working in Syria...

via Independent.
The smart-missile cited as a major reason for Britain joining the bombing campaign in Syria has killed zero Isis militants there, it has been revealed.
A freedom of information request by the Huffington Post UKwebsite found the Brimstone missile has not yet recorded any casualties in Syria since bombing started.
Only Britain and Saudi Arabia have access to Brimstone missiles and the Government argued that the weapon would represent a unique contribution by the RAF to fighting Isis.
Conservative minister David Jones described the weapons as “unique” while MP Sir Gerland Howarth said they represented a “key difference between us and other coalition partners”.
David Cameron himself said Brimstone missiles were among "some of the most accurate weapons known to man" and noted that the United States did not have access to them.
Brimstone missiles have a “fire and forget” capability and it has been claimed their introduction would help reduce civilian casualties and hit targets other weapons could not.
So lets break this down....

1.  The Brimstone hasn't claimed any scalps in Syria.

2.  The Brimstone is one of the most accurate weapons known to man.

3.  The United States doesn't have access to them.

From reading this article Cameron got 1 out of 2 right.  We don't have access to them but they ain't doing jack in Syria!  Somehow I don't think we're missing a thing by not having access to them.

Whoever the US official was that decided that the Brimstone didn't bring anything new to the table and to not procure it deserves a couple of beers.  If the missile isn't relative in Syria then where would you use it?

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