Monday, February 01, 2016

The Victoria Cross winner that charged and killed 3 enemy Taliban only to be taken out by his own troops...

via War History Online...
He rushed through the corn and assaulted the enemy up close. Despite being wounded in the firefight, he continued the assault giving his men the cover needed to reorganize. As a result of his assault, the Taliban was silenced, and the wounded were allowed to evacuate.
However, there was no sign of Corporal Budd as his unit withdrew. He was initially listed as missing in action while a quick reaction force was assembled to search for him. As the reactionary forces pushed through the vegetation while air power beat back the Taliban, Budd’s body was discovered lying in the field next to three dead Taliban.
For his actions on August 20th and a few days prior, Corporal Bryan Budd was awarded the Victoria Cross and would be one of less than 20 to receive such an award since the end of World War 2. A subsequent examination might have proven that that the fatal shot to Budd came from a 5.56 NATO weapon which indicated friendly fire, but that only occurred because he saw fit to close with and destroy the enemy.
Story here. 

The last line in the section that I've highlighted gives me a bit of heartburn.  It almost implies that Budd is the cause of his own death.  I find it distasteful.

Still, this is instructive.  We've seen on more than one occasion that aggressive individual action can break the back of an enemy's assault.

The Spirit of the Bayonet lives!

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