Friday, February 26, 2016

Time for adult talk about the Republican field...

I got a e-mail from a fellow Marine regarding the Republican field.  In short he asked me to reconsider my stance on the candidates.

This blog post isn't about doing a fellow Marine a favor, its about the election.  I'll be honest with you all.  To say that we had 17 potentials and none of them are hitting the target and having me say "hell yeah" is concerning.  A quick rehash...
*  Trump.  The dude says the right things but has no solid positions on anything.  The only thing we know is that "he'll make America great again" and that "its gonna be wonderful".  Can we take a chance on a guy that is in essence building a cult of personality?  Can we elect a guy that is as vague as Obama with a Republican version of "Hope and Change"?

*  Rubio.  I'll be honest.  I don't like the kid...and he is a kid.  He has neither the experience in anything for me to seriously consider him.  The fact that he was so anxious to ram an immigration bill thru that no one liked says it all.  The other glaring mark against him is how the "establishment" is rallying around him. He has the scent of being bought and paid for.

*  Cruz.  The slimey used car salesman vibe still is a turnoff.  The dirty tricks he's been playing indicates a bit about his character.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm sure they ALL play the games but he's getting caught.  As far as his stance on issues, I'm with him.  I just don't know.

*  Kasich.  My darkhorse.  The guy seems solid but I wonder if he has the fire in the gut to push thru all the things that we need in order to roll back the Obama agenda that we've seen implemented.  Even worse?  I get the "moderate" Republican vibe when we need someone hardcore.  We saw what happened when we elected a "compassionate" conservative...and no...we don't need that again.

*  Carson.  Dude.  Why are you still running?  We got the memo.  If we win then you get to be Surgeon General.
Hit me with your ideas and opinions.  Let the kiddies play games while the adults talk about real deal issues.  They say many minds make small work of big issues and that's what I'm looking for here.

I'm not looking for consensus but if you dare, I'd like to know your opinion of the candidates and who you're leaning towards voting for.

PS.  If you're a Hillary or Bernie fan then I have two questions.  The first.  Why are you on my blog?  This isn't the land of weed, unicorns and rainbows!  Second, since you're here, then please...OH GOD PLEASE...justify voting for that communist/socialist/criminal scum!

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