Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Trump made a rookie, lazy mistake in Iowa. So how did Obama beat the Hillary machine?

I'm convinced that the reason why Trump lost Iowa was because he made the rookie mistake of believing the press, being lazy, being cheap and not developing a get out the vote machine.

Repeating myself but most American are sheep waiting to be led.  That includes almost handholding many to ensure that they get to ballot box.

Having said that it does beg the question.  If monied Trump with well paid advisors made these basic mistakes then how could a one time Senator, a rookie on the national stage, run a machine that was not only effective but formidable enough to knock off Hillary?

Obama's win against Hillary made no sense.  

Additionally the games that were played against Sanders this year, added to the way that the Iowa Caucuses are built tells all.  Our politics are rigged beyond recognition.

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