Wednesday, February 03, 2016

USAF cuts 5 F-35's from 2017 budget.

Thanks to Gruaak for the link!

via Defense News.
The US Air Force cut five F-35As from its fiscal year 2017 budget request while fully funding the Long Range Strike-Bomber and KC-46 tanker, sources said.
The Air Force reduced the F-35A buy in FY-17 from a planned 48 aircraft to just 43, according to one source. It is not clear if the Air Force will reduce the overall planned buy of 1,763 aircraft. These figures do not take into account the total F-35 buy across the US armed services or purchases by international partners.
Interesting isn't it.

The F-35 is die in the ditch important.  Ramping up to full production essential in order to drive the cost curve down.

But the USAF is cutting 5?

Reality is finally hitting our boys in blue.  The F-35 can't perform the penetration mission, it can't perform the fighter mission, and its an expensive ISR "hub".  The death spiral begins....or should I say death by a 1000 cuts?

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