Wednesday, February 17, 2016

USMC Tanks drifting in Norwegian the issue with commonality between US Army and Marine Corps Tanks...

The US Army tried to form a type of "landpower" alliance in the DoD.  The USMC was lukewarm to the idea and SOCOM really wasn't interested at all, but everyone should have climbed on board with passion.  Notice that the USMC is still operating M1A1 Abrams MBTs.  The US Army is moving toward M1A2 Sep V3.  While the two tanks resemble each other they're totally different and the differences will increase once the Sep V3 upgrade has been completed.

Neller and company need to make a decision.

The incoherent mix of concepts, capabilities and procurement is causing nothing but institutional confusion.  A course has to be set.  Will the Marine Corps continue to be a middleweight force capable of fighting across the entire spectrum of combat or is a seagoing 101st the future.  At this point I just want a decision to be made.

We'll get a good idea on where the Marine Corps is headed once they decide what's going to happen with Marine Tanks.

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