Friday, February 12, 2016

Was the Oregon standoff really about arrests being made for the Bundy Ranch incident?

I've been trying to wrap my ahead around the Oregon standoff.  None of it made sense.  The people that they went to protect didn't want them there, it seems that the local community was mixed in opinion about them and many "names" in the militia movement wanted nothing to do with it.  So why go?

While doing a sweep of the internet I ran across the above vid.  Story here...
His mother says Barbeau is a veteran who served with the Marines and the National Guard. His friends say he was with Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy last year, during an armed standoff with authorities when the feds tried to enforce grazing fees on government owned property.
"What Schuyler realizes is my government is going to violate constitutional rights and they are going to shoot. I better be prepared," said Barbeau supporter Jason Patrick.
The FBI eventually arrested Barbeau for illegally possessing an assault rifle, that because of its short barrel required a federal firearms registration. But authorities believe he poses a much greater danger.
Today, the assistant U.S. attorney told the judge that Barbeau was trying to buy a .50 caliber rifle that would be quote "advantageous" in a shootout with law enforcement. And that he was seen in photos posing next to explosives that federal agents have yet to locate.
This happened late December.  So the militia movement got wind that the FBI was starting to make arrests of people that went to the Bundy Ranch so they attempted to preempt them by forcing a "meeting engagement" in Oregon.

The only problem is that no one came.

My theory also explains why Cliven Bundy would make announcements on FaceBook and then head to Oregon.  He knew that his goose was cooked so instead of cowering in his home waiting to get picked up, he decided that it was better to be seen going to assist the last holdouts.

That's my thinking anyway.

More info here, here, here and here.

Sidenote:  I wondered why the FBI hadn't moved on individuals in the Bundy Ranch incident, well I wonder no more.  They've obviously placed arrest warrants on individuals nationwide and are simply rolling up people quietly.  The militia movement as its currently formed will not survive.  Darwin won and only those that kept their heads down AND haven't said stupid stuff on YouTube will survive (that's really the amazing part...these people are saying CRAZY shit on YouTube and making it available to the world).

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