Thursday, February 04, 2016

Watching the Dem debate. Their race is a farce

I'm sitting here watching Bernie and Hillary SUPPOSEDLY go at it during the New Hampshire debate and I've come to one conclusion.

The Democrat Party race is a farce.

Bernie as usual yielded the floor on clear/easy lines of attack on Hillary, she bashed him on an extended foreign policy portion of the debate and then they played patty cake on the fair versus free trade issue.

The only good thing about this is that their "coalition" is already fracturing and young women and men of all ages don't trust Hillary.

This is the election that the Republican Party's been waiting for and they're throwing it away.  First Congress isn't doing jack despite all the excesses of the current administration and the Republican establishment is intent on playing games.  Additionally the top 3 don't give me the "yeah" feeling that I'm looking for.  Cruz?  Sleazy salesman.  Trump?  Madman that might be the Republican Obama, he's asking me to take alot on faith.  Rubio?  He looks like he might be ready to lead a Boy Scout Troop (under supervision) and I wonder if he's had his first bit of facial hair.

When I think about this election I find myself sinking into depression.  Time to find something to warm my other words these bastards are driving me to drink.

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