Thursday, February 18, 2016

YouTube celebrities that showed up to the Bundy Ranch Incident could be indicted...

via NBCNews.
The Nevada indictment accuses the five men of playing key roles in what it called "a massive armed assault" against federal agents on April 12, 2014, to retake the seized cattle.
Ammon Bundy is accused of leading a group of around 200 armed protesters to confront the federal agents holding the cattle.
During the confrontation over the cattle, some of the protesters took up sniper positions on a bridge overlooking federal officers.
Ammon Bundy's attorney, Mike Arnold, said Wednesday, "the Nevada indictment is no surprise."
"It's important for the public to remember that there is a constitutional presumption of innocence in America, Arnold said. "A government charge is proof of nothing."
Some might call this old news, but this is why the Militia Movement's been in a quiet panic.  Check out Ryan Payne here.
Ryan Payne

The Montana electrician and Army veteran is among those in the occupied refuge and has boasted to the press of organizing civilians into sniper squads to confront federal agents at the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada in 2014.
"We had counter-sniper positions on their sniper positions. We had at least one guy, sometimes two guys, per BLM agent in there," Payne told the Missoula Independentweekly newspaper in Montana. "If they made one wrong move, every single BLM agent in that camp would've died."
Payne has been a constant presence near the refuge in recent weeks and told the Oregonian newspaper that he was determined to take a stand on behalf of locals. "We're sending the message: We will protect you," Payne said.
So now the Feds are indicted people that participated in the Bundy Incident? They're going after the guys that I said had assaulted Federal Agents by pointing weapons at them (I wondered at the time why nothing had been done).
Every swinging dick and ovary that showed up to that protest carrying a firearm instead of a sign is at risk of indictment and can be charged.

The biggest takeaway is this.

We could see several YouTube "celebrities" get pounded.  James Yeager, The Hoss, IraqVeteran 8888, Reid and others could soon see indictments....if you watched the coverage every one of these guys showed up with firearms and participated in the standoff...

This is far from over.  The media's moved on but the real action is taking place behind the scenes.

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