Saturday, March 26, 2016

25th ID Jungle Training. They're trying to drink the Marine Corps milk shake!

The longer we focus on Company Landing Teams, SPMAGTF-CRs, Marine Detachments on foreign warships, Marines on alternate transports...the whole gamut of issues that take us away from a REAL BACK TO BASICS concentration on combat skills, you'll see the US Army eventually make an argument that they are better equipped across the board to conduct missions that we consider our bread and butter.

They're trying to drink our milk shake and if we remain as focused on nonsense as we are they'll succeed.

Side note:  The answer to innovation in the USMC is to take the Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) and reinforce it.  Adding another LPD or LSD along with Marines and their equipment would make the MEU a powerful and decisive force.  When two of these ENHANCED MEU's come together for a combat op you are talking about a force capable enough to handle MOST crisis situations and if not then they can hold the line till reinforcements are flown in.  The ENHANCED MEU is the future of Marine Corps operations that HQMC refuses to acknowledge...instead they're too focused on making the USMC a SOCOM support organization.

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