Tuesday, March 15, 2016

26th MEU transits the Strait of Hormuz...photos by Cpl. Joshua W. Brown

Interesting isn't it.

We've just signed a nuclear agreement with Iran but instead of a nicely leisurely transit, we see Marines on deck with loaded weapons.  I thought the Suez Canal transits were bad.  Now you can add the another area to your list.

But the serious question is when.  When will we see a vessel borne IED hit one of our big amphibs?  Will it be at dock in a friendly port?  Will it be at sea using a captured or repurposed tanker?  Will it be a disguised navigation mishap?

Its gonna happen and we could see mass casualties from such an event.  My solution?  No one is gonna like it but I propose an exclusion zone of 1 mile around our ships at all times.  Allies won't like it but its a must do.  Cross that zone and you will be fired on.

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