Wednesday, March 30, 2016

3 Brigade Combat Teams slated for Europe. They can't defend themselves so we do it for them?

via ABC News.
As part of the effort to reassure Eastern European allies concerned about Russia’s aggression, the Pentagon announced “continuous troop rotations” of U.S.-based armored brigade combat teams to Europe.
Wednesday’s press release from the U.S. European Command said the troops will begin arriving in February 2017, bringing the total U.S. Army presence in the European theater to three fully-manned Army brigades.
A new unit will rotate in every nine months, bringing with them more modern equipment.
The equipment will be an upgrade to the pre-positioned equipment the U.S. has put in place the last two years. That older gear will remain in Western Europe to help with any quick response needed in the east.
This seriously irritates me.

3 Brigade Combat Teams are set to be deployed in Europe?  Against Russia?  Russia isn't a threat.  China is the threat!

Additionally the Europeans can take care of their own defense needs, the idea that we need to waste resources defending 1st world nations is silliness.  They either step up or get ran over but subsidizing their defense needs is just plain wrong.

If a country doesn't have the will or fortitude to man, equip, train and finance its defense then its not a country.  Trump is right.  NATO needs to be disbanded or we need to start charging Europe thru the nose for their laziness.

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