Monday, March 21, 2016

About those 5 deputies at the Trump Rally, Group Dynamics and a campaign that has turning into a movment.

I decided to circle back to those deputies that took down the protester at the Trump Rally.  Not for the reasons you might think though.  Check out the above photos that were widely circulated right after the incident.

Now check out the pics below that I've highlighted.

What do you see?  Two black deputies that appear to be "seasoned".  Take a look at the ribbons on the guy closest to the camera.  I don't know how awards work for deputies in that dept but he has two rows and is working on a third.  Additionally you can easily make out the chevrons of one of the deputies that is holding down the protester.

The Sheriff didn't send rookies to this event.  I almost bet that these were handpicked men that showed that they knew what they were doing on the street.  So why did things go sideways for them?

Trump has taken his campaign and turned it into a movement.  This IS A MOVEMENT and will not be stopped by the usual machinery of the elite.  I'm still puzzling together the why's with regard to the obvious fear they have of the guy but I'm narrowing in on the idea that they're simply scared of the economic fixes that he's proposing.  The "wall" just isn't that controversial.  Neither is his stance on planned parent hood.  The gun issue is a non-issue...they won't be able to touch that...the control of state govt and the House of Representatives guarantees the usual social issues aren't moving the needle.  The left has won on the big stuff and the outlier issues just don't work for people that are tired of the fight.

That leaves his economic message that is causing the angst that we see.  So what do we have?  We have a populace that is economically strained and reacting to the reality of their lives instead of being swayed by news from govt offices that everything is ok and an elite that is worried that the house of cards will soon collapse.

Trump isn't Hitler but he seems to have the same effect in a time of similar economic turmoil.  The elite created the opening for him, he's exploiting it and the actions of the deputies (yeah, I finally circled back to them) prove it.

We're seeing group dynamics at a national level affecting middle class people of all races.  My bigger point is this.  Nationally the US is entering a danger zone that should be acknowledged by those in power.  The people are restless.  If they "destroy" Trump, play games to keep him from the nomination (assuming that Cruz can't do it fairly) then we're looking at a political powder keg.  Have we ever seen widespread rioting after an election?  Unless the temperature is dialed down by both sides of the political spectrum, then regardless of who wins there will be trouble. 

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