Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Air Superiority (USAF propaganda vid)...and a statement that should chill every Ground Combat professional to their core.

"Since WW2 Airmen have recognized that they must wage two fights...the first to gain air superiority, the second to exploit that air superiority in support of the joint fight...although the joint fight is the number one priority sequentially the fight for air superiority must occur first"
This statement (its from the vid) should chill the bones of every ground combat professional.

Even Marine Corps fast jets are being swallowed by this version of how a fight should be conducted...which means that close air support won't be there (except for helicopters) AND enemy attack planes will be roaming the battlefield while our multirole fighters are playing Red Baron.

The ground combat component (Army, Marine Corps and SOCOM) needs to wrap their heads around this truth.  Get started on mobile anti-air systems to protect the maneuver force before its too late.  The plus side?  The Russians and Chinese have long planned to operate in a battlefield without sufficient air support.  Fighting on the Eastern Front in WW2 raged under skies where no side every achieved air superiority (until the issue had been decided).

US ground combat forces can get the job done without US airpower...but it needs to start planning for that eventuality now.

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