Monday, March 07, 2016

Combat Patches, Political Correctness and the 101st Airborne...

via Army Times
The 101st Airborne Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team has rescinded a directive requiring soldiers to remove their combat patches during a unit training exercise.
Soldiers in one of the brigade’s subordinate units on Tuesday “were given a directive to remove their combat patches in order to ‘build cohesion’ during a unit gunnery exercise at Fort Knox, Kentucky,” the division announced in a press release Friday.
The brigade leadership has since rescinded the directive, and soldiers from the unit have been allowed to wear their combat patches.
“This was a well-intended action taken by a leader that was not well thought out and was quickly corrected,” said Brig. Gen. Scott Brower, the division’s acting senior commander, in a statement. “This division is amongst the most storied, battle-tested and prideful in all the Army. We are proud of all of our combat veterans and never want to take for granted their efforts and sacrifices.”
This is why we will get our asses kicked in the next hardcore conflict.  A brigade commander is more concerned about combat patches then he is about working to solve the units lousy strategic mobility?

When trivial issues become more important than combat efficiency you're looking at a force in crisis.

I present this story as exhibit number 1 of a weakened US military under current leadership.

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