Saturday, March 26, 2016

Europe is gonna burn! Nuclear Officer Found Dead, Security Pass Stolen

via Brietbart

Belgium is on high alert after a security officer for a nuclear plant was found dead with his work pass stolen.

The concerning development, which occurred on Thursday but was only reported today by Dernière Heure, comes after concerns the Brussels bombers had been plotting to create a radioactive “dirty bomb” that would scatter nuclear material in a crowded public place.

The security officer was reportedly shot dead as he walked his dog in the city of Charleroi. Authorities quickly cancelled his pass.

While the motive for the murder remains unknown, police are looking into the theory he was killed to steal his pass and gain access to a nuclear facility.

Breitbart London reported yesterday that eleven nuclear workers have had their security passes revoked amid fears the Brussels attackers wanted to steal nuclear material to build a dirty bomb.

Seven workers at the Tihange nuclear power station had their passes cancelled, with a further four revoked after being reviewed by a committee composed of intelligence and security agencies.

Police discovered hidden camera footage of a senior nuclear worker while they were searching the flat belonging to the girlfriend of Mohammed Bakkali, a key figure in both the Brussels and Paris bombings.

The footage was from a camera planted opposite the home of an executive at the Centre for the Study of Nuclear Energy in the town of Mol. Police fear the attackers may have wanted to kidnap or capture him in order to obtain radioactive material.

Belgian authorities are facing increasing criticism of their handling of terror intelligence, after it emerged soldiers were not deployed to protect nuclear facilities until two weeks after the footage was found.

Interior Minister Jan Jambon initiallysaid: “Nothing indicates a specific threat to nuclear power plants… This is why we are not planning any military support.” He soon changed his mind, however.

Mr Jambon offered his resignation after this attacks this week, but this was rejected by Prime Minister Charles Michel.
I'm not at all surprised by this.  Want to know one of the most high profile but pathetically run organizations on the planet?  Check out nuclear security!  The amount of "old boy-ism", the watering down of standards, and the inability to keep up with the latest tactical innovations/philosophy (assuming they aren't bullshit) is mindboggling.

IF it doesn't happen in Europe then you can bet it will happen here.  UNLESS we see serious change then a terrorist will penetrate the security of one of our nuclear power plants and will cause panic (of course this assumes that the breach isn't ruled classified)...I don't believe that the expertise necessary to carryout an accident is widespread it is possible that ISIS or another group has the knowledge.  These barbarians ARE highly least any of the leaders.

Europe is gonna burn.....oh and happy Easter!

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