Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Female uniform changes.

Pic via Marine Corps Times.

Note:  The HQMC can butch them up all they want but the fact remains.  They're pumping estrogen and not testerone.   Oh and isn't it amazing that they can devote so much time to this and yet still fail to get an armored vehicle program in place to solve a REAL battlefield problem (meaning a complete road map of where we're going with tanks, AAV, LAVs, etc...).

Note 1:  We live in STUPID times.  We're putting women into combat roles on the battlefield where they will be blown up, raped, tortured etc...but at the same time we have a woman reporter that is harassing a candidate filing charges against a guy for touching her arm and then we have the USMC more focused on uniform changes for females than they are with winning on future battlefields.  I have a solution.  Just say fuck it, put the females in male uniforms and be done with it.

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