Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fitness Talk. Did "busted up faces" kill Female Bodybuilding?

Above you see Cory Everson.  She was a female bodybuilder in the 80's-90's and really helped put it on the map.  I still wasn't into it until Lenda Murray showed up (below)...

It should be noted that both look fantastic even today (have to admit...Lenda was a source of many "impure" thoughts...her husband is a lucky guy) but after they left, I did too. 

What happened next?  The same thing that happened in male body building.  Increased size that took the sport from being based on health to feak-ism.  Many of the ladies definitely put time in the gym and that's to be saluted.  The lifestyle is hard!  Monitoring your diet, the dedication to stay on your plan to make gains and the ability to be seen as different because your friends are heading out to the club while you're making sure that you get enough sleep isn't for the faint of heart.

The below pics are from "The Glass Chord" Blog (check the rest out here).

Yeah.  They appear to have become masculine-ized.  But did "busted up faces" kill female bodybuilding?

I don't know but Testerone Nation is asking the question....
Now, obviously, there's a general consensus of what we find feminine, attractive, admirable, etc. It is those attributes that attract an audience willing to support women's bodybuilding.
Say what you will, but the fact remains that a late 80's era Ms. Olympia contest could sell out the Felt Forum while today's Ms. Olympia has already gasped her last breath. Can't argue with history.
Issues of femininity aside, a female bodybuilder, even with extraordinary muscle, could be hot as hell if her face weren't busted.
The female Olympia is dead.  Replaced by the more feminine physique, fitness and bikini events...I watch the physique and fitness (bikini contestants are painfully skinny in my opinion)...with fitness being my favorite because all the former female bodybuilders are flooding physique now.   Additionally the current stars of female fitness are killing it on and off stage.

Jamie Eason (above) is killing it hardcore and has a virtual empire built around her fitness coaching, nutrition and consulting business.  The former Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader did good. 

Is it more about facial characteristics than it is about muscle size that killed the Ms. Olympia and female bodybuilding?  I don't know but all the evidence points to yes.

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