Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fitness Talk. Kinesiology/Fitness Coaches beat Bro Science every time.

I just discovered this guys vids because I need to tweak my triceps work since summer's coming (read about him here).

Why take the time to post this on the blog?  Two reasons.  First kinesiology/fitness coaches beat bro science every time.  Second, while discussing running that nasty ass bog that every flag officer in the Marine Corps decides to take a dump or piss in (the Quigley) with CoffeeJoeJava, I remembered something else that the Marine Corps needs that the Royal Marines have.

I forget the exact name for the guys but they're Fitness Leaders, Fitness Blokes, Muscle Punks....whatever it was, these guys were just like Mountain Leaders for their units.  They were seasoned Marines that specialized in helping their units maintain peak fitness.  YES!  I know that's every Marines job, and I get the sense that our current guys are already stressed enough but...instead of pushing out new fitness formats like the Combat Fitness Test wouldn't it make more sense to simply get back to a basic PFT and tailor daily workouts to optimum performance with the aid of a pro in the S-3 shop?  Maybe even dual hat a bubba there and have him train the trainers throughout the battalion?

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