Saturday, March 19, 2016

Is the stop Trump movement more about preventing a popular uprising rather than an election?

Watching a little Saturday morning news and the arrogance of the Republican establishment is grating!  I would get shot if I ever tried to show up at a Patriot Movement event but geez....this is the kinda stuff that makes a guy want to go actionable.

They are trying their best to walk back the meme that the Party picks the candidate, not the people but in doing so they're only making it worse.

I want Cruz, but with everyone in the establishment throwing support behind the guy and the FEAR that Trump is bringing to both sides makes me wonder who the true outsider is.

Why does Trump scare them so much?  Am I wrong for viewing this as the elite attempting to ensure that they hold onto power?  This looks like the actions of a few elite trying to prevent a popular uprising more than an election now.

Something is seriously wrong with out political system.

NOTE:  This is curious as hell.  The bureaucracy will remain so the elite's base of power should too...but they're scared shitless.  What am I missing?

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