Tuesday, March 08, 2016

LVTP-8 arrives at Quantico

Thanks to THINK DEFENCE Blog for the link!

The Marine Corps has gotten into the business of "rebranding" as a way to make it seem as if things are "new and improved".

If Neller wants to see real innovation then how about a return to sanity and stop the rebrand silliness and connect the USMC of today with its past.

What do I mean?  Take the AAV for instance.  Its a freaking Landing Vehicle Tracked Personnel.  If you want to call the latest version the LVTP-8 then so be it.  How about the "Ship to Shore" Connector madness.  They're FREAKING LANDING CRAFT!  Same applies to the bastardized ACV program.  They killed the EFV and the MPC, told us they combined the programs and sold us on "increment 1.1 and 1.2".

It was all bullshit.  The requirements are practically the same for the old programs.  All they did was buy time to further gut the Ground Combat Element in the USMC.

Yeah.  If Neller wants real innovation then how about the Corps simply get back to a real basic...like calling stuff what it is.

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