Thursday, March 24, 2016

Modern Morality. Shattered Childhood or honest reality? (mildly graphic pics of harvested animals)

pics via Southern4Perspective Tumblr Page.

Rabbit harvest.
March 22nd 2016 Atlanta, Ga.
I am very proud of my daughter. Today she help me harvest our rabbits from start to finish. She’s witnessed it plenty of times but this is the first time she had hands on experience. She was excited to finally be able to help me in the process and it was a big confidence booster for her. She feels like she is contributing to the family and now calls herself the back-up butcher. She is only five but I don’t have a doubt in my mind that in the next several years she can handle this process by herself.
Understanding where food comes from is a very important lesson that ideally should be learned at an early age. This is something we believe is lacking in today society. Our actions, although Sometimes uncomfortable, are reconnecting the sacred bond we have with our environment. We find beauty, Independence, and enlightenment in doing so. Our methods are streamlined and ethical. The meat we consume in our household is free of industry byproduct.
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Undeniably, society is changing.  In my area for the first time I heard a PSA talking about how people should buy chocolate rabbits instead of real ones for their children for Easter.  The PSA came from a "bunny rescue" program.

To illustrate what a bastard I am, my first thought was hmm....rabbit!

But put that aside.  What do you think of the above pics. K&J make a good point in my mind.  People should realize where their food comes from.  Harvesting animals has been going on for centuries but only recently does it seem like the disconnect between the reality of eating protein and where it comes from has developed.

So I ask you.  Is the child above suffering a shattered childhood or honest reality?

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