Monday, March 21, 2016

Moral Monday. At what time do you step in to help?

via Gizmodo.
Salim PK, a police officer in Delhi, India, was captured on video while allegedly drunk on a metro train. Video of him staggering and falling over went viral. But doctors have confirmed what he insisted all along: He was actually having a stroke.

Salim was videotaped on the train back in August of 2015, where he can be seen in a confused state before he ultimately fell to the ground. Two passengers helped him back up. The video was posted to YouTube and immediately went viral. Salim was initially suspended but then reinstated after a doctor’s report confirmed that he had not been drunk. He reportedly suffered some permanent paralysis from the stroke and now struggles to speak.
There is so much sad in this video that it defies description.  Unfortunately there is also so much truth about the world that we live in that its TOTALLY understandable.

I've watched the vid twice and the only visible indication that I can see that the guy might be suffering a stroke instead of  being drunk is the "distortion" in his face.  The drooping on one side is the only thing that I could make out that would say stroke (hopefully you're more up to date on your first aid than I am....I definitely need to get back up to speed).

So while I want to yell and shout about how sad it is that people didn't immediately rush to his aid, I just can't.

But it does beg the question.  At what time do you step in to help a complete stranger?  When does your duty to society and to a fellow human matter what the cause of their predicament...over ride the need to look out for number one?

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