Wednesday, March 30, 2016

RPG 32 in Yemen

Thanks to Olgerts for the link!

I'm not at all familiar with the RPG-32 but this image captures shows why HQMC is annoying the hell outta me.

If you look at the fighting in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen you'll see how warfare is evolving.  These are no longer "classic" insurgencies.  We're seeing a type of Hybrid Warfare that sees these groups behaving more like low grade combat arms teams.

Meanwhile we've ignored the need to protect against these new anti-tank/vehicle missiles that are gaining traction.  We do survivability upgrades aimed at defeating IEDs...some of which are now so powerful that they flip our heaviest MRAPs like toys...and do nothing to work on anti-missile systems that will defeat these missiles that will pen our vehicles with ease (anything with less armor than  a M1 Abrams).

We're building forces to fight battles that are now history.

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