Saturday, March 05, 2016

Russian “Zoopark-1” Radar Complex operational in Syria.

via Sputnik
Over the past three days three modern complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles and two radars detecting small targets have been deployed to Syria.
The Zoopark-1 missile and artillery ground reconnaissance complex is designed to automatically determine the coordinates of enemy artillery positions (mortars, field artillery, rocket volley fire systems and tactical missile launch positions) to provide target sighting information to its own countermeasure equipment, as well as to monitor its own firing results.
Interesting.  While this announcement is designed to put the West on notice, it does reveal Russian capabilities.

I'm curious as to why they're telling us that the Zoopark was deployed with UAVs.  Do they work together?  Is this some type of networked system?  I have no idea.  My knowledge on these systems is zilch, nada, non-existent.

One thing is clear.  Either by design or accident, the Russian footprint in Syria is slowly but surely growing.  

Putin has been talking about a short stay, but the force is growing.  The Russians should be careful.  Incrementalism is how good foreign policy goes bad.

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