Sunday, March 27, 2016

Russia's URAN-9 Robotic Fighting Vehicle to be deployed with Infantry/Counter Terror Teams.

via Sputnik
According to the developers, Uran-9 will not be treated as a weapon system but rather deployed with an infantry unit.

Fully loaded, the Uran-9 weighs around 10 tons and looks like a small tank.

It also boasts a cutting-edge laser warning system, target detection, high-tech identification and tracking equipment.

“Russian developers possess all the expertise they need to create modern military robotics that will be in demand on the international market. This is a fast-growing segment of the arms market, so we will develop and implement a long-term marketing strategy for promoting such pieces of hardware, including as part of integrated security projects,” said Boris Simakin who heads the Analysis and Long-Term Planning Department at Russia’s official arms trader Rosoboronexport.
Hmm.  Not sure where this fits in the Russian way of war.  They have airborne IFVs, are developing a whole series of new vehicles and now this?

I'm not usually one to go nuts over size and weight but this thing weighs 10 tons?  That alone makes me wonder how it performs differently from manned vehicles that are already in service.  If it came in at maybe 2 tons then it MIGHT make sense but not at this weight.

I definitely need to learn more about their thinking here.

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