Tuesday, March 01, 2016

SAA/Russia/Iran launch nationwide offensive in Syria.

I think I found the explanation for the disclosure that the US Army's Delta Force along with a Expeditionary Targeting Force is conducting operations in Iraq (I still say this is a fancy term to indicate that we're probably seeing at least a battalion sized or larger element from MARSOC, the Rangers or both...that doesn't include supporting units like artillery that's on call for all ops, the 160th, and probably any fast jets that they think they need...it's the only way to provide even a bit of force protection to units operating in that chaotic battlespace).

SAA/Russia/Iran have launched a nationwide offensive in Syria.  Check out the stories from Fars News Agency here, here, here, and here.

A small note.  That cease fire agreement wasn't worth the time they spent meeting.  Its obvious that an offensive this large was being planned while Kerry was trying to stitch it together.

A large note.  SAA/Russia/Iran have effectively called Turkey/Saudi Arabia/GCC bluff on them entering the Syrian conflict.  The supply routes into Turkey have been cut and the war in Syria will be over by the end of this year for all intents and purposes by the end of this year if they maintain this momentum.  

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