Sunday, March 13, 2016

Social experiments are breaking the Corps.

via Marine Corps Times
I think I'll grow a beard.
It is increasingly apparent that more and more Marine Corps orders are set aside because we are so busy answering higher-ups' mail and adding new requirements and systems to track and manage training and equipment. Not out of willful omission or belligerence, just as a matter of course.
It's unintentional selective disobedience.
Don't believe me? Then why do we take weeks or months preparing for readiness inspections? If we'd been executing the orders, we would all just be in compliance with standards as a matter of course — any day of the week would be a good day for an inspection.
But we don't comply until it becomes an absolute necessity.
Operations shut down and Marines are pulled to help the sections get back in compliance, like bad lance corporals who live like pigs until Thursday afternoon field day inspections. Is that the new standard?
As Marines, we keep our eye on the ball: higher's intent. We get the items briefed at the commanding officer's weekly meeting. Units are 100 percent Sexual Assault Prevention and Readiness-trained, but our vehicle record jackets haven't been updated in months.
The force is breaking.

Amos started it, Dunford had a chance to fix it but parachuted into the JCS and Neller seems to be a yes man.

Commander's intent?

What if the Commander's intent isn't in keeping with a well run, highly disciplined, war winning, United States Marine Corps?  What do Marines do when its obvious that leadership is more concerned with its social experiments than it is with making sure that the Corps can fight and win?

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