Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Still talking about the primaries...

I'm still chewing on the Trump victory last night and a couple of things....

1.  No one is complaining about "money in politics" anymore.  Trump's self funded campaign and how little he's spent in comparison to the other candidates has nullified that meme as a potential issue.

2.  All the talk about a brokered convention is just plain silly.  The establishment is talking about stealing the nomination in order to save the Republican party?  The people will go ape shit if they do!  This party is dead man walking...they just don't know it yet.

3.  The Dems better not gloat too much.  The rise of Bernie indicates that the same forces that are active on the Republican side are there too.  The difference?  I believe that since this is boiling down to an economic election with plenty of side issues that revolve back to economics (anti-immigrant fever is being touted as a cultural/crime/national security meme but in reality its about a flow of low skilled labor taking jobs and depressing wages) and the only reason why we're not hearing a full throated roar from them is because they're doing like the Repubs did with Bush.  They know (like we did) that the guy screwed up but they're defending their candidate.  Two year max before they erupt like the Repubs are.

4.  Caucuses are stupid.  Staggered primary dates are stupid.  We need one date for primaries and another for the election.  Plain and simple.  This added complexity drives up costs.

5.  For some reason everyone is forgetting that the FBI has an active investigation going on with Hillary.  That news has disappeared from MSM.

6.  If I'm right about this being an economic election then we're looking at serious ramifications for defense.  Our allies better be ready for an inward turn from the US.  The elite will want to continue the foreign entanglements but the people will rebel.  The future for "forward deployment", forever war, and even trade deals is now suspect.

I want the chaos.  If the country is gonna get better then we need to accept the pain that comes from transformation.

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