Monday, March 14, 2016

Syrian Army advances on Palmyra, Smerch MLRS in action and the drama gets messier...

Thanks to Giannis for the vid!

The Syrian Army has gotten a MAJOR arms boost.  Smerch MLRS?  All kinds of new arty?  TOS-1s?  It hasn't made the headlines but its obvious that the Russians are sending new kit on an almost daily basis (if we're to believe our own eyes).

Additionally, while I haven't blogged on it, the assault on Palmyra continues with ISIS being pushed back hard. Another reader posted info about the Russians claiming that Turkish forces were operating inside Syria (considering the violence we're seeing inside Turkey...37 dead in a car bombing and almost daily clashes between police and protesters) is almost a given...and then this morning I read where US forces launched MLRS strikes into Syria from Jordan.

This mess that is Syria is about to get messier.

More here and here.

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