Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Enhanced MEU! Time for the Marine Corps to get serious about power projection.

You've heard me shout from the rooftops that the Company Landing Team, SPMAGTF-CR and the other various schemes to put Marines on foreign warships or alternate transports is batshit crazy.

So what is the answer?

Don't fix what ain't broken, but build on the foundation that Marine Corps greats have laid and make it applicable for the threat that we face today.

I'm talking about the Enhanced MEU!

How would you do it?  Quite simply really.  You either add an LPD or LSD to the normal MEU (you could use a MLP if the Navy howls about wear and tear on their hulls) and you float an additional two companies of Infantry and additional AAVs, MTVRs, Tanks, LAV-25s plus whatever aviation assets are mission essential.

The problem we face isn't properly confronted with these mini-concepts.  The F-35 WILL NOT provide the kind of fire support necessary to deal with the threats that we're facing.  The MV-22 is fast but vulnerable in the landing phase and outdistances current escorts.  No one is talking about it but the ideas coming from HQMC are in fact fantasy.  It does no good to have a company of Marines hanging by a long distance string provided by the MV-22.

Its past time to be serious.

Additionally we've seen threats evolve in ways that weren't anticipated.  Terrorist groups are operating like hybrid combined arms teams.  We've seen them become motorized as a matter of course and they've even embarked on mechanization due to either capturing allied equipment or because of their benefactors like Iran (don't believe me...Google the armor that Hezbollah and ISIS are now using).

The solution is what it has always been...the Marine Corps combined arms team.  Everyone participating...aviation, armor, infantry, artillery, engineers and supporting elements.  The concepts being pushed break up that team and will allow our units to be isolated, fixed and destroyed.

The enhanced MEU will not face that problem.

Additionally if you bring two of these units together the enemy is suddenly faced with a powerful Marine Expeditionary Brigade floating off its coast.  The equivalent of an Army division ready to attack from the sea is the kind of deterrent that will make any mad man pause and will reassure allies.

You've heard me complain, now you hear my solution.  What do you think?

Side note:  I know this is just a bare outline.  I'll flesh out the idea but this is putting down a marker.   Hopefully some bold Marine Corps Capt, Maj or LtCol will pick it up and run....I don't need or want credit...I want a powerful and effective Marine Corps....assuming the idea has merit.

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