Friday, March 18, 2016

The Future of Amphibious Warfare | AAV my take on the vehicle and the procurement strategy.

The Major does a good job of giving everyone an overview of this vehicle (still want to know what those "protrusions" are from the back of it though...perhaps fuel tanks?).  Anyway, this is a solid but limited upgrade.  If the AAV is to serve until 2035 then we should have done a lethality upgrade too.

Additionally we should have done a top to bottom review of the capabilities that we need going into the future.  The decision about Marine Tanks looms large.  Should we be looking at a mobile gun system for our AAVs now?  Is HQMC even considering an experiment?  Should amphibious tanks make a comeback?

One thing is certain.  Marines are Marines so they'll be happy to get these refurbished vehicles. But don't be confused.  Smaller nations are being much more efficient and developing capabilities that today's Marines can only dream of.  I'm not talking China or Russia but Brazil and Italy.  Take the Brazilian's for example.

While the Marine Corps has been in purgatory trying to decide what to do and how to buy the EFV replacement, they've turned to and put into production/service the excellent Guarani IFV.  Additionally they're currently working on a 8x8 vehicle that will mount a 120mm HitFact turret.

Cheer this move if you must but be aware of this sad fact.  Your Marine Corps has fallen (not in the process its already happened) behind in basic armored vehicle development.

They will hit the next battlefield and they will fight hard.  But they will take unnecessary casualties and possibly lose because leadership ignored the Ground Combat Element and no one had the fortitude to confront them on the issue.

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