Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Marine Expeditionary Unit 6 Hour Clock.

via Pacific Marines FaceBook Page.

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The USMC has had this capability for a long time!  All the talk about needing to setup SPMAGTF-CR's, deploy Marines aboard alternate transports or foreign warships is simply a mirage.  The real issue as seen in the Libya Incident where we lost an Ambassador and several other men is stark.

The weakness in our military response isn't our reaction time.  The weakness is at the decision making level.  WE CAN GET THERE IN TIME (usually)!  If decision makers are paralyzed by analysis then they are essentially choosing not to act.  That is the problem and one that every Marine knows...even when Amos was pushing the fiction that we didn't have USMC forces available.  I won't even touch on SOCOM or US Army capabilities...but consider that the 173rd Airborne is stationed in Italy and that a C-17 can motor and that the Combatant Commanders In Extremis Force has been barking about getting let off the chain for at least a couple of years now.

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