Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump, abortion and why is he feeding the beast?

MSNBC is going into over time because some idiot on the Trump campaign thought it would be a good idea to do a town hall with the avowed Hillary supporter, Chris "the ugly fat bastard" Matthews.

As usual the democrat playbook, which Matthews happily followed, took him toward social issues.  Abortion this time.  Let's be real.  The abortion debate is over.  Like it or not but its the law, its basically population control pushed by eugenic freaks AND climate change advocates but its always a good wedge issue and is huge with women.

So Trump does the interview, Matthews pushes, Trump says that if its illegal then it should be punished. Makes sense.  If something is illegal then there should be a punishment if the "law" is broken.

Not good enough for MSNBC.  They're going ape shit.

But ignore that debate.  WHO IS ADVISING TRUMP?  Its been obvious for weeks that the guy is being targeted by both sides of the political spectrum.  Why are they letting their guy take these unnecessary hits?

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