Monday, March 07, 2016

Trump, the election and how the establishment/news media is ensuring his victory.

We just had the LA primary and I pulled the lever for Cruz.  He matched up with my value system the best and although not perfect, he's the best of a flawed field (amazing I say that after we had 17 hopefuls...that many people and together they're worth a bucket of warm spit...gross thought huh?)...Anyway back on task.

The news media and establishment are pulling out all the stops to kill the Trump candidacy. 

Are they really this tone deaf?

The elite view themselves as the guardians of the "real" America.  The elite and the news media still view themselves as having to guide the foolish little people and show us the way.

The reality is that they're universally despised.  They're hated.  The masses view them with the same amount of contempt as they view the masses.

So this plan to boost advertising and to launch anti-Trump ads will backfire.  I've read and watched all kinds of talk about Trump today.  I've watched a monologue on the Lawrence O'Donnell show and he reveled in talking about how stupid the American people are.

If this keeps up Trump will win walking away.  You heard it here first.

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