Friday, March 11, 2016

Trump supporters, protesters clash after Chicago rally postponed...Republicans guaranteed to lose now.

via CNN
Donald Trump's campaign on Friday postponed a rally in Chicago amid fights between supporters and demonstrators, protests in the streets and concerns that the environment at the event was no longer safe.
The announcement, which came amid large protests both inside and outside the event at the University of Illinois at Chicago, follows heightened concerns about violence in general at the GOP front-runner's rallies. Illinois holds its Republican primary on Tuesday.
Hundreds of demonstrators packed into an arena, breaking out into protest even before Trump had shown up. At least five sections in the arena were filled with protesters.
"Mr. Trump just arrived in Chicago, and after meeting with law enforcement, has determined that for the safety of all of the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight's rally will be postponed to another date," the Trump campaign said in a statement. "Thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace."
Too fucking late Trump campaign.  You had a chance to keep this from spiraling but you misread the situation.

Even worse for the Republican party?  You just energized the Obama coalition...Expect a counter movement against the Republican party.  This easy win has turned into an impossibility.

For all you that defended this clown be happy.  You just sealed the fate of the nation.  Supreme Court?  Kiss it goodbye.  White House?  In the palm of your hand but you threw it away.  The US Senate?  PROBABLY endangered and more than likely to flip to the Dems.  Obama Care?  Sealed into the fabric of the govt...that monster will grow and will consume the budget.  Increased defense spending?  No fucking way...butter will beat bullets with the crowd coming in.

Because you supporters couldn't course correct when you saw this guying going full retard, the conservative movement is about to take a beating that will shock everyone.

Side note:  Chicago Police are denying Trump campaign reports that they were asked to cancel the event.  

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