Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Turkey once again proves it has its own agenda.

via Defense Blog.
NATO vessels deployed in the Aegean Sea to help stop the flow of migrants into Europe have not yet started operating in Turkish waters and are waiting for the go-ahead from alliance member Ankara, diplomats told AFP Tuesday.
Despite requests by the NATO operation’s German command, “the Turks refused” this weekend to allow the vessels to enter into Turkish waters, a diplomatic source told AFP.
Another diplomat confirmed the report.
Make sure to read the entire story over at DB's house, but this is so obvious its laughable.

Turkey is pissed because they got no support when they started the flare up with Russia after they shot down the SU-24.

But the bigger story is that NATO is deploying warships to deal with the migrant issue.  The crisis is being downplayed but the very fact that they're feverishly acting to stop the flow AND the fact that the Germans are leading the mission says alot.  Leadership might appear calm to the public but behind doors they're nearing panic.

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