Wednesday, March 02, 2016

USMC unfunded priority list? All aviation to include 750 mil for 4 F-35s.

via Defense Aerospace.
The Marine Corps has outlined a $2.7 billion list of unfunded priorities in FY17. Of that, $1.7 billion would pay for aircraft programs funded under the Navy's aircraft procurement account.

The list includes $750 million for two F-35Bs and two F-35Cs, $207.5 million for two C-40 aircraft, $158 million for two KC-130Js, $150 million for two MV-22s, $57 million for two AH-1Z helicopters, and $32.6 million for one UC-12W. Additional aircraft funding would be used for items such as aircraft defense systems, avionics, and F-35B spare parts.

The actual FY17 request included $2.0 billion for 16 F-35Bs, $890.7 million for four F-35Cs, $1.3 billion for 16 V-22s, $759.8 million for 24 AH-1Z helicopters, and $128.9 million for two KC-130Js.

The wish list includes another $215 million for 21 items in the Marine Corps' procurement account, including Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) alternate warhead munitions, target handoff systems, and technical surveillance countermeasures.

The service also wants $358.5 million for military construction; $75.6 million for military personnel; $370.6 million for operations & maintenance; and $22.9 million for research, development, test, and evaluation.
Aviation is out of hand in the United States Marine Corps.  We're paying 75 million per pop for MV-22s, we're looking at paying 100 mill for the CH-53K and we're at 187 mill for the F-35.

How can the service justify these expenditures for the Wing?

How did an organization move from being totally focused to supporting the guys on the ground suddenly become to a glorified USAF with delusions of grandeur?

The Marine Corps will catch the attention of some smart guy (think McNamara 2.0) and will make the case that while the United States might want Marines, we no longer can afford the current Corps.

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