Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What is going on inside the Marine Corps to prompt Neller to make this vid???

Sorry for the profanity on this one but I just don't fucking get Neller.  NOT AT ALL!  He pumps out vids like this on an almost daily basis but his minions are devising every possible scheme to fuck up deployment schedules WHICH ADD STRESS TO THE FORCE!

No one in HQMC is talking about it but all these initiatives to deploy Marines aboard alternate transports, foreign warships, Company Landing Teams and SPMAGTF-CR is just creating friction where none existed before.

You want Marines to have their heads on straight?  Don't have them shipping off to the asshole of the world every 6 months and then spending 9 months at home doing exercise after exercise!

But consider for a minute if what I think is stressing the force is wrong.  What could that be and why don't they address it directly instead of putting out these fucking powerpuff videos?

I was told that Neller was a Marine's Marine.  So far all I'm seeing is slimy politician.  This vid was made to make the SecDef happy.  This won't affect one Marine's life....and the sad part is that HE HAS THE POWER to fix whatever it is that's broken.

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