Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Australia. Crazy in a handbag (is this real?)

Making my way back into my inbox and I got this gif.  I've spent at least an hour looking at this and can't figure out if its real.  I've never seen a cobra in real life but what makes me wonder is the speed of this thing.  I've heard of fast snakes but didn't think that a cobra of that size could move that fast.  The second clue is obvious.  Why no reaction from the dogs?

But what if?  What if this is real!

That chick is hard as woodpecker lips.  I'd be DRT.  Dead Right There.  Its not the issue of the snake, but rather the setting.  Relaxing on a blanket and suddenly a 4ft poisonous snake comes out of no where?  Geez!

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