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Killer K-4 Sub Launched Ballistic Missile test fired...India making steps to become a major power.

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Notwithstanding international pressures India has secretly conducted the maiden test of its nuclear capable undersea ballistic missile, code named K-4, from homegrown submarine INS Arihant at an undisclosed location in the Bay of Bengal.

A reliable source on Friday told ‘The New Indian Express’ that the test conducted on March 31 nearly 45 nautical miles away from Vishakhapatnam coast in Andhra Pradesh was highly successful. The indigenously developed weapon with a dummy payload was reportedly launched from the submarine in full operational configuration.

The trial was carried out with the support of the personnel of Strategic Forces Command (SFC) while the DRDO provided all logistics. The missile was fired from 20-meter deep and it pierced into the sky after breaking the water surface. INS Arihant had first successfully fired a prototype of K-15 (B-05) missile in November last year.

The K-4 missile was fired from onboard silos of the ship submersible ballistic, nuclear (SSBN) submarine demonstrating the capability of the newly built underwater warship to fire long range nuclear capable missiles and the killing efficiency of the most advanced state-of-the-art weapon system.

“Having an operational range of nearly 3,500 km, the missile was fired towards north for a shorter range. It covered more than 700 km before zeroing on the target with high accuracy reaching close to zero circular error probability (CEP),” informed the source.
Read it all here.  Our unilateral nuclear disarmament is looking like a bad idea every passing day.  Fortunately India is an ally.

What can't be denied is that India is making steps to becoming a major power. 

How will China react.  The Indian Navy, Army and Air Force are  becoming more powerful.  It looks like they should have made the move to annex territory in the disputed area that they share with India a couple of years ago.  From my chair it seems like they waited too long and that the advantage is swinging toward India (its also apparent why that light tank the Chinese developed is aimed at mountainous warfare first, expeditionary warfare second...they're trying to catch up).

How nervous is Pakistan?  I think the Pakistani's have come to the conclusion that they can no longer go toe-to-toe with India in a conventional fight.  That is the reason for their alliance with terrorist groups.  They can only fight an insurgency...any direct conflict will lead to the destruction of the govt.

India is becoming interesting.  I might need to keep a better view on them.

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