Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Name one area where US ground forces have a tech lead over potential adversaries.

Question for my readers.  Name one area where US ground forces have a clear cut, no shit, we beat them hands down lead over potential threat adversaries.  Tanks?  Not really.  We might have parity but parity leads to blood shed.  IFVs?  It could be argued that when it comes to power vs power warfare that our adversaries are ahead of us.  Attack/Utility/Heavy lift helicopters?  This one is a bit fuzzy to me.  I REALLY LIKE the AH-1Z/64, the UH-1Y and Black Hawk are great and the CH-53/47 are just plain studs so I guess you might have an argument here.

Artillery is another area  where I'm wondering.  The M-777, HIMARS and the Army's new M-109s are all good but are they better than what's on the other side of the fence?

The US is betting it all on tech now.  Unless we see a tech breakthrough it seems as if we're allowing ourselves to fall back to the pack...and for the US that's a dangerous place to be.

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