Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Philippine Marines with the Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF), conduct an amphibious landing.... photo by Cpl. Hilda M. Becerra

ANTIQUE, Philippines (April 11, 2016) - Philippine marines with the Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF), conduct an amphibious landing utilizing Philippine logistical navy ships to seize a scenario-based objective as part of Exercise Balikatan 2016. The JRRF, compiled of U.S. and Philippine forces, have worked together during the exercise to test their capabilities, maintain a high level of interoperability and to enhance combined combat readiness. Balikatan, which means "shoulder to shoulder" in Filipino, is an annual bilateral training exercise aimed at improving the ability of Philippine and U.S. military forces to work together during planning, contingency and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.

Uh.  When did we stand up a Joint Rapid Reaction Force with the Philippines?  Additionally exactly what are the circumstances for when it would be used?  Is this another goofy foreign entanglement that will bleed us in the future?

Side note....that landing is straight Hollywood!

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