Wednesday, April 06, 2016

USMC Company Grade Officers and SNCOs are holding the line. But for how long?

One blog post that was part rant, part poking HQMC sparked a reaction that I did not anticipate.

My in box (and yeah fuck you Google, your stuff is STILL jacked up) got slammed with  notes telling me I was wrong and that standards are being upheld in various units around the Corps.

I happily stand corrected.

It appears that Company Grade Officers and SNCOs are holding the line.  You guys are to be applauded.  The question I have is simple.  How long?  When do you get weary and worn down because leadership is working at cross purposes?  How long before you're moved away from the fleet to a B-billet or professional development course so that you can be re-educated to the way that "things are now"?

Have you mentored (GOD I hate that word....the teacher and student meme of old captured the real relationship between senior and junior Marines...for some this is a distinction, but to me the former indicates a kind of favoritism in my opinion to one individual instead of developing all your charges) the next gen so that they will stay "old Corps"?

The Pentagon is quick to label the fight against ISIS as being generational.  They're wrong.  The strategy they're using is hopelessly flawed but I digress.  The real generational war is happening within the Marine Corps right now.  It remains to be determined who will win.

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